Monday, 2 July 2007


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I tried to convince myself that it was going to stop raining yesterday...and after going stir crazy all morning and seeing a break in the clouds decided to go for a walk. I haven't been to our Country Park for a few years (as it would have been too far and too wheelchair unfriendly to have been able to take Mick) but thought I'd take my chances. So off I set camera and brolley at the ready. It's quite a long walk to get there; it took me about half an started to spit with rain but was so warm! As soon as I entered the park I thought "I'm going to get some great photos here. There are bound to be loads of butterflies and insects maybe even some non camera shy birds!"
Then it happened...the heavens poured and poured and poured. I pushed on undaunted...I'd not walked this far to go straight back home....but it was so wet that I had to be careful not to get my camera soaked and wildlife was pretty scarce. Luckily there were plenty of trees to shelter under..... I loved the shape of this one; I bet it's been there a few years!Sadly it had to look down on the remains of a less savoury pass-timeThis one looked rather precarious...............I spotted quite a few bat boxes...can you see what's written on this one....a click on it should make the photo larger......(I know this sometimes doesn't work; don't ask me says "Welcome please come in!!! Bats only")after a while the torrential rain eased to a shower so I pushed on...what a surprise to see a field that was a sea of first i thought it must be linseed as farmers often sow that...but as I got closer I realised it was Cranesbill Geraniums!There were still hardly any butterflies to be seen...they were probably more sensible than me and decided NOT to come out in bad weather...I did manage to "capture" a couple...shielding my camera so that I wouldn't get it wet......there is one in this photo......but I couldn't get a sideways angle on it due to the undergrowthI did spot this funnel shaped spider's web......the owner was safely tucked inside.................the rain had started to come down heavily again and I decided I may as well make my way home and leave my exploring for a sunnier day. I decided to try a different route home...I always find it boring walking the same way back from decided to follow this road.....I hadn't a clue where it led to exactly but figured the old adage "All roads lead to Cornard" was I walked and walked and walked.......the rain continued to pelt down but it was so humid and lovely and peaceful...lots of birdsong and I could even hear a Woodpecker at work.....couldn't actually see one though so no bird photos.....except of this solitary Pigeon who looked down on me from a telegraph wire....I didn't see a single person and no cars either......far from the maddening crowd!...mind you I think this horse wondered who the "mad" person was cheerily walking in pouring rain!I finally came out onto the Bures road....though wasn't certain how far down it I was. When I reached this sign........I realised that at some point I must have crossed the border from Suffolk to now I'd been walking for almost 2 hours and if I'd had company could have been tempted to call in The Brook ..............
much of the Bures Road has no pavement but luckily for me since this new housing estate has been built a lot of new pavements have been put in...much safer for walkers.......

By the time I got home I was starving...that's when I'm grateful that I'm growing some lettuce...instant fresh food!...I'm growing 4 different types as the moment; webbs wonderful, little gem, lolla rosa and iceberg so there's always fresh tasty leaves to pick...........


jmb said...

Great photos Ruth. I hope you enjoyed your walk/hike. I enjoyed it via the photos.

CG said...

I enjoyed the walk with you, Ruth, wish I had been there in person!

Auntie Noo said...

That was a lovely post Ruth. I took Spot out yesterday as we both had cabin fever, and was surprised how much I really enjoyed the walk. It was really good fun!!

RUTH said...

Thanks jmb; that walk certainly blew the cobwebs away.
CG; anytime! bet you'd take some fab photos.
auntie noo; I bet Sot enjoyed his walk too.

Merle said...

Hi Ruth ~~ What a long wet walk you had and we get to see your lovely photos without getting wet. Thank you
It sure would have been too difficult with a wheel chair. Thanks so much for your comments, I will put more photos on soon. I am glad you liked my fairy garden. The rocks painted white finished it off nicely. It is winter here, so the flowers are not great, but I will put more in in Spring. Take care, Ruth. Love, Merle.

Leanne said...

hi mum, sounds like you had a lovely walk, even if you did end up soaked. we'll have to take the kids out there next time we're over. looking forward to our zoo trip next saturday, lets hope its a nice day. love you lots xxx

Akelamalu said...

I really enjoyed that (virtual) walk with you Ruth. I wanted to call in the pub for a pint!

dot said...

I got to enjoy the walk without getting wet. Loved the photos and especially the flowers in your last post!

gledwood said...

funnel webs! ... don't!
i nearly peed myself all over again!
i've just posted up some horrific details of funnel webs and mouse spiders in my nonsmoking terrorpost
also come see my hooray for hollywood youtube it is so entertaining
how did you get such a wizzy new signature? can i get one? where do i go?
hope you're dry by now
have a cheery weekend
(what remains of it!)

A wildlife gardener said...

Loved the funnel web spider...and it's web...awesome! Thanks for a lovely walk, Ruth. Very pretty countryside around you.

Michelle said...

What a marvelous adventure, thank you for taking us along!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Since moving here in 2003 we've done a bit of exploring, but haven't been to this country park yet. We'll have to go!


RUTH said...

Leanne; the walk down there's the worst
gleds; the hollywood vid was so funny; the signature was a gift so woundn't know how to make one
akela; we may have had two!
merle,dot and michelle; sure helps to stay dry..glad you enjoyed the stroll/walk/hike
wildlife gardener; the spider and web were fascinating
b.t.bear; would be nice to have a walk with a bear

Elsie said...

I can get used to these weekend walks with you. Won't mind the rain as it is still so green all over.

Your lettuce looks lovely and it must be nice to have it in the garden whenever you feel the need for a salad.

Stay well


Audrey said...

What a wonderful walk Ruth and you got some great photos on the way. Somehow I dont mind a walk in the rain in the countryside but hate getting caught in the city or town. Fantastic photo of the spiders web

Akelamalu said...

PS I just noticed your little dragonfly cursor - pretty! :)

JoAnn said...

I saw your name/blog by CG and followed the link, I love the 'walk' by photography,( once I did a LONG walk like this wet, in Costa Rica).. such a great idea. Not the weather, we have the sam bad weather in Holland, but they give nice shots'. Feel free to visit my blog.


smilnsigh said...

I wandered by from Sheila's "As Time Goes By' blog. You said you'd not be traveling and the same seems true, here.

But what a brave lady you are, to set off on a walk like that. See what I miss, since I'm not so brave.

But then again, I do believe I have quite a few years on you. :-) So I'll use that, as my excuse.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely swim errrr walk you had Ruth, such lovely pics too. Being outside in the rain can be very special, especially when there is no one else about. ;-)

Shaz said...

Thats quite an adventure, I love walking Gracie on her own. Just the 2 of us going no where special. Excellent pics of the wildlife too x x x x




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