Wednesday, 18 July 2007


About 6 months ago I toyed with the idea of joining the Pay Per Posters; even then things financially weren't brilliant and I thought that a few extra pennies may help buy seeds, compost etc for the garden. I wasn't quite sure how it worked and was worried that it would interfere with my normal blogging and so put the idea on hold...over the last couple of months I had another think and a few weeks ago submitted my blog for approval. I'd heard nothing more and thought it a no-go. Well I don't know if it was some kind of omen or just coincidence but when I got back from the CAB yesterday there was an email saying my blog had been approved!

So I'm going to give it a may be a total I'm a newbie the "opportunities" on offer to me are very few. In fact out of those that are there is only one I can connect with even remotely...and that's about an Online Gambling site...a very emotive subject! But at least I know something about having a flutter as it's something that Mick used to do....he'd always have a little £2.20 each way Yankee at the weekend; horse racing being his particular love. Hopefully I'll have enough information to post it later today or tomorrow.

I really wish there had been some nice gardening product that I could have started with...that would have been easy! But I'm going to look at the gambling site and see what I think before I agree to post about it...I've got to start somewhere and hopefully if it goes OK I'll get a better choice of things to post about.

So I hope you'll forgive the odd PPP post turning up on my don't have to read them and the advertised company does the paying not the reader!.... and I'll still be doing my normal posts. If it doesn't work out I won't have lost anything and I'd much rather try and fail than not to try at all.............................


talj said...

I hope it works out well for you Ruth and that they get some gardening bits for you soon! That would make it a whole lot easier on you!!

{{HUGS}} xx

Chris said...

Ruth, I do hope things work out for you but is there another way? At this time of year we have quite a few car boot sales around here and people sell plants and cuttings from their gardens. Or a drive way sale. You obviously have green fingers perhaps you could start a little nursery business from your back garden :-)

RUTH said...

I appreciate your comment Chris but I don't have a car so Boot Fairs are out of the question as I wouldn't be able to get myself or my goods there plus they are only a quick fix solution and dependent on having something to sell. I'd love to start a nursery but I have no room in my small garden and have no greenhouse nor room for one; to start an actual business like that would require legal requirements plus the permission of my landlord. Cuttings and seedlings take time and space and my window sills are hardly big enough for what I do for myself. Also they are seasonal and dependent on having a buyer! I need something that I can do in my own time (be it 6am or midnight) and doesn't involve me dealing with the public. It also certainly wouldn't go down well with my neighbours selling from my front garden! Believe me I have considered these possibilities.

Annie said...

You mean, if we click on the advertisement on your blog you get money? That should be easy enough for me - and useful for you.
Am I understanding this?

RUTH said...

That's sweet of you Annie that you would do that but in fact it doesn't involve anything to be done by my blogpals. I wouldn't do anything that would compromise my visitors; I would purely make a few £'s by posting about a product. Sadly email reaction to this hasn't been as kind as your comment; it's funny because if I said I had a job selling A or B and wrote about it visitors probably wouldn't worry at all!

gledwood said...

I'm fascinated by this pay-per post thing. You must have noticed I got adsense. All those lurid pictures (you don't get to choose the ads). My top ad is pictures only, the middle one text only; the bottom one "default" (pictures or text). In (probably over) two months I made $15 US from it.
If you want to get adsense, you can click on the symbol for Google Adsense under my three ads on my main blog (aparently I get about 10p for this, but only if you actually sign up thru that click). You have to actually give a name address, email address (& your main url) and wait about 24 hours, then then they get back to you presumably with a yes

I couldn't post this on my blog. Do you know why? Because I'm too paranoid about their rule you're not allowed to ask someone to click on your ads. My brain went into legalistic paranoid overdrive over that one so I've just not mentioned the whole thing!

Anyway how's things apart from that. Hopefully my chaos has an end in sight. (Bloody landlord.) Better go now. Take care


RUTH said...

Thanks for the info Gleds but I don't want adverts constantly in my sidebar...I did look into it. I prefer to have some sort of control rather than risk any old ads. Also I don't want visitors to have to click on things. Hope you manage to sort the landlord out.

Claire said...


Audrey said...

It is an emotive subject Ruth and if its any help at all my first job when I left my marraige was in a casino, I felt uncomfortable at times,but needs must and it wasnt forever..Good luck whatever you choose

p.s I know someone who makes quite a bit (on the side) selling books on e.bay, he looks for 1st editions and popular authors and at times has been known to make quite a profit on his finds ( but we wont mention him ) lol. something that can be done on the comp. Just an idea hope you dont mind xxxxxxxx Auds

RUTH said...

Hi Claire and thanks for your help.
Auds; any ideas gratefully received. Glad you and Claire got into my blog as it's been reported as SPAM!

Chris said...

Ruth, I do wish you well. Good luck with your venture :-)

Shaz said...

You go for it Ruth x x x & good luck x x

Elsie said...

Good luck with this, Ruth.





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