Friday, 6 July 2007


As our River walk access is being closed for 10 days I thought I'd better take advantage of it when I went to town to return my audio book to the library. I was prepared that after all the rain it would be terribly muddy but some of the boggiest parts have been filled in with sand since my last walk...HURRAH!

The only problem with walking to town this way is takes so long!!!!...not because the distance is any longer than by using the's just I'm stooping every few yards to take photos!!! Here are just a few.................

Oh...senior moment coming up here.......the audiobook I was returning...the whole reason for me going to town......I FORGOT TO PUT IT IN MY BAG!!!!!...oh well; I had a nice walk anyway...

Congratulations to Chris Beardshaw on winning a Tudor Rose Award at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show for his garden "The Growing Schools Garden - learning outside the classroom". Chris had worked with children of all ages from more than 30 schools. As well as providing inspiration, they have designed and made many of the garden’s features and grown some of its plants. It is delightful to see children taking such an interest in gardening and Alton Infant School won Best Small Garden for there entry "Learning to Look After Our World". For more information visit the RHS Hampton Court Web Site.

I'm having problems with my pond this year; the water is like pea soup, usually by this time of year it is crystal clear. It doesn't help much that the fish have eaten all the oxygenating weed I had and I can't get any locally.....and now the pond pump has packed up! I spent a delightful 2 hours in the pouring rain yesterday trying in vain to get it to work but I think it's had its day. It's going to be quite a job replacing it this time of year when the garden is so full of plants as the cable is buried. Hopefully the fish will be ok.....actually I hope I'm ok! after having my hands in the murky depths and then hearing on the news that dog walkers have been warned to keep their pets on leads when walking in lower Colchester Castle Park. It seems a blue green algae was discovered in the boating lake. The Environment Agency visited Castle Park on 3 July and confirmed that the algae which had appeared overnight in the boating lake was of the blue green variety which occurs naturally in river water, particularly during warm damp weather and low light levels. Although not known to be harmful to ducks and other wild fowl, blue green algae can be harmful if swallowed by dogs and humans. It can also cause a rash or irritation if it comes into contact with the skin or eyes and therefore park visitors and pets should avoid coming into contact with the algae and the water in the boating lake. I'm sure my pond water is green rather than blue green .............and I've not experienced any itching.

This morning I'm off to help with the School Sports Day; more heavy rain last night but sunshine this morning so hopefully it won't be called off. The teacher of the class I've been helping has been so sweet and sent me thank you notes each time I've helped.


Mark said...

Hi Ruth,
I dont have a pump in my pond and it is crystal clear, what i do is put in some Barley straw, how much you put in depends on the size of your pond.You can get it from garden centres or fish places and comes in various forms.
You put it in the pond let it sink and after a few days it starts to break down and gives off goos bacteria which clears the pond. This last for about 6 months then you take it out and put a new block in.
Good luck in the egg and spoon race!!!!

Cheers Mark

RUTH said...

Mark; I do use barley straw and usually it does the trick. I think the heavy rains have caused the problems this year as usually it's so clear. I do like a pump....the fish are inclined to gasp a bit IF/WHEN we have hot weather plus the garden doesn't sound right without the sound of water.
Luckily they don't do egg and spoon races!

Claire said...

Ah sports day was only moved one day for the nephew and he did well!
Its lovely that you are helping out as there tends to be a lot of confusion around the finishing line.

River walk looks lovely! i hope it bloody stops raining, as i am meant to be hiking tomo and i think there is going to be a lot of Mud!

Oh crap! you have just reminded me that i haven't returned my library books. I knew there was something i was meant to be doing :(

Shaz said...

Oh, I'm shocked! Porn in all its glory . . . . lol. Sorry I can't give any pond advise other than wash your hands afterwards!!!

Chris said...

Hi Ruth, our pond is not brilliant either. We had to half empty it earlier in the year because it was pea soup, now it is a bit cleaner but not clear. Perhaps it is something to do with the low light, warm temp. Enjoyed the view of your walk :-)




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