Tuesday, 31 July 2007


How exciting; do you remember I said the Ginger lilies were starting to bud....well look at one of them now...........and in a bit closer........isn't it lovely! The sun has also brought out the Agapanthus....this is a dwarf variety...much more suited to a small garden.....we don't get many flowers on them (I have a blue one as well that's still in bud) as really they prefer a south facing garden...but considering how poor the weather has been lately I'm pleased to see any flowers at all!

Over the weekend I'd noticed that the Rubekias were also starting to bloom................last year I had a few fasciated flowers ....I wonder if I'll get any this year??When I posted a photo of our first hibiscus bloom the other day I had an email asking which one it is.....In case anyone else would like to know it's Hibiscus syriacus "Red Heart"I'm sure I've done a couple of posts now with no beastie photos in them....... that's mainly because I haven't found any new ones in our garden lately.......HOWEVER....the other day in Manda's garden I found these...................
I haven't a clue what they are but haven't spotted them in our garden yet. Manda's garden is much "wilder" than ours and it could be that these beasties prefer that sort of habitat....
Wednesday is the 1st of August....this "summer" is flying past so quickly....on the 23rd August it will be this blogs 1st birthday....I can't believe I've been blogging for almost a year........ The worrying thing is it means that I will have blogged a whole gardening year....what on earth am I going to write about now....I guess I'll start doing what the TV does....endless repeats...LOL The funny thing is when I first started blogging I intended to do posts covering A to Z of our garden...I was convinced I'd find nothing much to blog about and thought at least A to Z will fill 26 posts.......now it's almost a year later and I've still not got further than "F is for..." and that post was way back in January.


jmb said...

Lovely photos as usual Ruth. My Goldsturms are just coming out too. I used to have a beautiful Agapanthus from Adrian Bloom, bought at great expense but it disappeared after a year or so.

Libbys Blog said...

Cor your ahead of me with your flowering ginger, well done. Agapanthus too, mine have done nothing, I think its been too wet. The thing about a garden is there always plenty to blog about and we never do identical re-runs!!!! lol!!!

Merle said...

Dear Ruth ~~ I love the ginger plant and I have a few of them. The first time I ever saw those lovely flowers was when I came home from hospital after having a mastectomy and a good
neighbour brought me a bunch of them.
Your other photos are great too.
Thanks for your kind words about my post, glad you enjoyed the pic s and jokes etc. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Shaz said...

I loved those lilies, I'd love a garden full of different lilies (some day!). With your facinating garden & walking adventures I'm sure there's be heaps to blog about over the coming years x x x

Leanne said...

hi mum, the ginger lillies look gorgeous, and i know how special they are to you, so im glad they are doing well. enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. love you lots xxxx

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth, Cant wait for spring to see my garden in bloom again. Wow love your ginger lily.and all your plants, Take careJen
ooppps. we all had a great time at the bowls dinner.,

Petunia's Gardener said...

Ruth, Love that ginger lily. Never seen one before. I cannot believe hummingbirds don't visit the gardens of England. More for the bees I guess. Best wishes for a nice August. Paula

Akelamalu said...

Those lillies are beautiful Ruth. I'm sure you'll still find plenty to blog about after your blogaversary.

lorenzothellama said...

Hello Ruth,
What gorgeous ginger lillies!

I'm sure you will find loads to blog about. I only started doing this at the end of last year and I have so many ideas, but as I'm not very computer literate postings take such a long time to do.

Jean said...

The ginger lilies are gorgeous! I have a Rose of Sharon that is very similar to your hibiscus. I'll be posting it soon. Great photos!

Ali said...

What gorgeous ginger lillies Ruth, and lovely photo's too. I have missed my garden this year, too busy at college early in year to get all my seeds sown!





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