Thursday, 19 July 2007


Because my blog has been reported to be a Spam Blog I'm having to do a word verification every time I want to save or publish a post. I guess I should be grateful that at least I CAN still post (at the moment) but I really don't know why I'm being accused of being a Spam Blogger. I looked up on various sites to try and understand what it means and how my blog has become one. Maybe I've inadvertently done something I'm not aware of...????? The following is what Blogger says is a Spam Blog.................
What Are Spam Blogs?
As with many powerful tools, blogging services can be both used and abused. The ease of creating and updating webpages with Blogger has made it particularly prone to a form of behavior known as link spamming. Blogs engaged in this behavior are called spam blogs, and can be recognized by their irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text, along with a large number of links, usually all pointing to a single site.
Irrelevant, repetitive and nonsensical????? Is this because I talk about plants so much????
Large number of links????? Does this mean the links in my sidebar.......surely everyone has them????
If anyone out there can explain in simple terms what this is all about I'd be grateful. This blog is a gardening diary to me and I don't want it closed down...I was hoping to be able to refer back to it next year and I'm really worried that if it's closed down I'll lose all the work I've done it.


talj said...

Hi Ruth, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble :o( The only thing I can think of that I find on your site but not on others is that, although I have pop-ups blocked, when I visit you here I instantly get a pop up advertisement for something or another (its always something different). Other than that I have no idea what it could be, all you sidebar links are just the same sort of stuff as many of us have....and I find all the plant talk pretty interesting! :o)

I hope you get to the bottom of this {{HUGS}} xx

farmingfriends said...

Hi Ruth,
I'm sorry to hear this. I don't know whether this helps but everytime I visit your site a pop up comes up and is blocked. I ignore it and carry on reading your great posts.
Oh I've just noticed this is what your other reader talj has just said - great minds think alike!
I hope you get this problem sorted soon. But be assured that the pop ups don't deter me from visiting your excellent site.
Best Wishes
Sara from farmingfriends

RUTH said...

Thanks both; I've never had any thing pop up on my blog even if I'm not signed in so didn't realise. I haven't a clue what/why or how it got on there. Any technos out there who know how I can get rid of it???

Audrey said...

I dont get pop ups Ruth when I visit any of your blogs but do if I visit Leannes link???...hopefully this will be sorted out soon for you Im sure it will xxx Auds

Libbys Blog said...

Oh I am sorry to hear about your spam problem, I used to get an ad pop up but since I've updated my virus software it doesn't happen. You could always start a new blog and leave a forwarding address here.
There is a nice surprise for you on my blog!! lol!!

dot said...

I don't get any any pop ups either. I'm not sure what it is you are trying to do but I certainly don't think your blog is spam. I really enjoy it!

Vic Grace said...

I don't get any pop ups either. You blog is not spam. Can't you contact blogger and ask for help.

Mousie/Paisible said...

the same happened to me, for the's over now, and I received a word saying they were sorry...but I didn't really understand what it was about..???




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