Monday, 9 July 2007


I had a wonderful day with Leanne and the girls on Saturday. I haven't been to the zoo for many years and it has really changed. It's become more than a place just to see exotic animals; many of the 200 species there are classified as endangered or vulnerable.

41 species are part of EEP or ESB breeding programmes (European Endangered species breeding programmes).It actively supports a number of different conservation groups around the world working to protect endangered species in the wild through the Action for the Wild Programme. This is dedicated to assisting conservation projects worldwide. The charity supports and encourages conservation projects that address conservation priorities at both local and global levels. This is achieved through education, research and the provision of financial and technical assistance. To find out more please click here

The UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve is also being created in KwaZulu Natal South Africa by Action for the Wild from a series of cattle farms. The 20,000 acre park will provide a haven for a huge range of species of mammals, birds and reptiles. To find out more please click here

Research is one of the primary objectives of Colchester Zoo and the World Zoo Conservation Strategy highlights research as a major role for modern zoos. This research includes both animal-based studies and visitor studies. Animal-based studies can focus on behaviour, welfare, nutrition, husbandry, environmental enrichment, ecology, reproduction and conservation. All animal-based research undertaken in the Zoo is non-invasive and mostly conducted through observation of the animals in their captive environment.

Colchester Zoo has its own green policy which staff follow to reduce the environmental footprint caused by the running of zoo operations which works to lead by positive example, promoting and guiding visitors and staff towards a greener lifestyle. It has a number of special events throughout the year to promote not only sustainable living but also to raise awareness of the conservation of our planet, including conservation of animal and plant species and their habitats. This includes support of World Environment Day in June and World Animal Day in October. As well as in the office, keepers sections and catering outlets recycling is obvious as you walk around the zoo. Some of the things I noticed (and were advertised)were

No bin liners are put in smaller bins, instead the rubbish is emptied into large sacks
Zoo maps are recycled either for shredding for animal bedding or to be reused by visitors
Gummy bins are located around the zoo site for chewing gum recycling
Water butts are dotted around the zoo to collect rainwater for use in the zoo
There are compost systems for recycling waste to use on the gardens

I took so many photos; and had intended to do a lovely slideshow filled with captions and information; however, as my pc is somewhat tempremental if I overwork it! (plus as the sun shone today I've been busy in the garden) it'll have to be a slideshow of photos as they came out of the camera.......some are distorted as they were taken through glass and sometimes the animals REFUSED to pose! I have managed to include some penguins for Talj and a little bit of Africa for Auds........

If you want a closer look at any of the photos just visit my (work in progress) web album by clicking on it below
colchester zoo


talj said...

What wonderful photos Ruth! It looks like you had a fabulous day out and the girls certainly seemed to have a lot of fun! I love the photo of Mel as the tallest penguin, excellent! And thanks for the pengooin photos!!

Here's hoping there are many more exciting days like this ahead for you. Love and {{{HUGS}}} xx

CG said...

I really enjoyed your photos and all the info about the zoo! Am so happy to hear you've had a lovely day!

ldybug said...

I'm used to deeing dandylions, but not realy lions! Great shot!

Annie said...

Zoo happiness, that's what you gave me here today, Ruth. My first thought upon seeing the lion was, "let sleeping cats lie".

Allotment Lady said...

Great photos - I used to take my children to Colchester Zoo more that 30 years ago - I really must pay another visit one day - but it might have changed so much that I may be disappointed.

It was not very big when I went - and had a lovely natural feel to it - rather like Whipsnade - which is a wild animal park - so animals are not in cages but huge open areas.

So much more natural. I used to live near Whipsnade and would often walk over the Downs, and around the perimeter - and used to get a much better view - as it was always quiet and 'remote'.

There were also a few escaped wallabies around too.

Libbys Blog said...

Your pics brought back many happy memories, its ages since I've been to the zoo!!!!

Gledwood said...

Lions... they do look a bit funny when sleeping ... is it the contrast between the reigning "king of the jungle" ... and the indignity or democracy of sleep..? I don't know ... (I'm clutching at straws..) have you seen those tigers licking ducks' blood ice lollies in summer!? They look so entertaining the way they nuzzle up to the frozen blood cube. There was a gorgeous picture of this last summer in the Daily Mirror

hey it's just thundered
& about to heavily rain...

Gledwood said...

if it rains on your pond, will you take a video of its pitterpattering??

Gledwood said...

ps i hope you don't mind my stealing your pond pump for my random clips blog. you know everything goes in there...

Audrey said...

Sounded like you all had a lovely day, its years since Ive been to a zoo, too many to mention

Just love those big cats and all the photos are wonderful, especially the two rare beauties behind those

Longing for Africa again after seeing some of these wonderful creatures.

Shaz said...

Excellent pics again Ruth. I love going to the Zoo but always come away feeling a little sad too. Hope you have lots of fun in the school holidays x x x

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I'm glad you had a nice time, Ruth. It's very hilly there, isn't it?

We last went when they were just setting up the new komodo dragon centre. They had jsut arrived and were tiny -and in hiding. Dilly was very excited about it all.

We're going back this summer to see how much they've grown!





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