Monday, 13 August 2007


Things are starting to slow down in the garden as far as new blooms go and some of these are "late starters" this year; this last week besides the toad lilies that I showed in my GTS post the only new flowers are the white Phlox (the pink one started flowering some time ago), the blue Agapanthus (like the white one this is a dwarf variety)........................phlox agapanthusthe dwarf lilies...unlike my taller varieties these only reach about 2 feet high but still have the most glorious scent............lilyin the pond the Lobelia Cardinalis has started to flower....I have tried to plant it in the ground but have never had any success as after a couple of years it disappears.....this piece in a pot in the pond has been ok for about 4 years now.lobelia cardinalisAnother pond plant we have is what Mick and I had always called our Mini Gunnera....we picked it up a few years ago at a Boot Fair and it was just labelled Pond Plant...if anyone knows what it is I'd be grateful.....................the second photo shows the flower spike that comes on it....the flowers are very tiny.......
After waiting so long for the Eucomis to flower I've been rewarded by three more blooms......eucomis pineapple plant and the orange flowered Durban Canna has now opened a bud (the red one started last week)...this must be a good three weeks later than previous years.....................
The Morning Glory is later this year too......though to be fair I did sow the seed later than I normally do..............I've only grown the one colour this year and I'm pleased they've survived at all as the slugs and snails have had a good feast on them!

The fact that the temperatures have finally risen this last week or two means that the wall manger (mostly petunias) and the begonia tub in the front garden are finally putting on some growth................petunia manger begonia The Lantana too are starting to look happier; they really didn't like those long, grey, rainy days of a few weeks ago (I do understand that this week may be quite rainy but I won't let them know in case they start to sulk....LOL)lantana The finer weather also brought a few nice sunsets with it..............sunset
And just in case the weather does turn really rainy again...a quick tour round the garden while the sun's shining.....

BTW.....beautiful clear night and managed to see some of the shooting stars; made a wish or two..................


MrBrownThumb said...

Your Eucomis flower stalks look huge compared to mine.

They look great.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Great pictures. Lots of color.

Kylee said...

So many beautiful blooms!

Akelamalu said...

Your garden is BLOOMING lovely Ruth, and your photography is GREAT!

Shaz said...

I love the walk through the garden show, can practically hear the pebbles under ffoot. I hope those wishes come true x x x x

Leanne said...

hi mum, lovely pictures of your garden. i also sat out last night for a while and saw 3 shooting stars which was great!! xxxx

dot said...

Beautiful pictures! I tried to see the shooting stars last nite but it hurt my neck and made me feel dizzy. lol. Hope all your wishes come true!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Ruth all your photos are great, but the slideshow takes the cake. Your garden is absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing!

Annie said...

I tour through your English garden is a tour through loveliness, Ruth. Sheer pleasure.

Ali said...

What a beautiful garden you have Ruth, and how lovely to be given a personal tour. I wish my garden looked half that good.

I spotted the top of a small wooden wishing well, I have one just the same, and I especially like your bench, whose back bears the word 'Dad'. My own garden bench is one that used to sit in my paternal grandmothers garden and I took possession of it when my Dad passed away.

Thx for the tour. x

PS ~ I haven't forgotten about the leaves I'm meant to be photographing, but I had a busy weekend!!!!

CG said...

It's always a treat to take a tour of your lovely garden, Ruth. I missed it!

farmingfriends said...

It's always a pleasure to stroll through your garden and look at the colourful flowers. I particularly like the agapanthus.
Thanks for opening the garden gate.
Sara from farmingfriends

USAincognito said...

Beautiful photos! :)

Gledwood said...

I love blue flowers! Like the one at the v top and that big morning glory looking one... whatever it was called... I can't go and look back now bc I'll lose my comment ...

Hey I repotted my terrain garden ... as I suspected it was TOO HOT in there that's one reason the plants were wilting... however rather than being too DAMP and HUMID it was BONE DRY in there ... even the succulent wilted BADLY!! Now that plant with the big waxy leaves and the tiny flowers is in a transparent home-made pot (cut off lemonade bottle with holes poked into the underside) and thriving enough to have green baby buds... the ivy is reviving ... the succuelent still being tortured in the glass... but I've a new lemonade bottle to cut off for alternative potting now!

Hope all is fine with you Ruth and I'm glad that your appointment you were talking about in your Million Stories blog went fine

I've gotta run I've got boil int' bag cod in parsley ont' stove and I wanna make sure it doesn't melt intut bottom ot pan

That is Coronation St language there btw

gledwood said...

bye eck! i got t morning glory right chuck
burreye burnt tut boil int bag cod int parsley!
it stuck tut bottom ot pan it were right inconvenient
now i've scrubbed pan wit squiggly stoof and tut burnt bits all gone
tut fish were alright tho
apart fromt burnt plastic bits int sauce
but beggars can't be chosers!
no i'm only joking it did stick tut bottom ot pan burreye got to it just in time chuck
'appen it were like Betty's barm cakes

or summut

RUTH said...

Ny eck Gleds; I don't have a translation button for Corrienese! :o)

RUTH said...

MrBrownThumb; it could be the lack of sun that's made them stretch more this year.
Digital Flower Pictures, Kylee,Akelamula...thanks glad you enjoyed the post.
Shaz; thanks and will do the award post tomorrow.
Leanne;those stars are so special :o)
Dot; I know what you mean, I ended up laying back in my sun lounger...or should that be MOON lounger at that time of night.
Gill and Annie really glad you enjoyed the show.
Ali; Lynn & Steve bought the bench for Mick a few years ago and the wishing well is one he actually made himself.
CG; good to have you back :o)
Sara; I was pleased that the agapanthus flowered after such gloomy weather earlier in the Summer
USAincognito; thanks enjoyed visiting your blog too

Amazing Gracie said...

How beautiful! I love Shaz' comment about the crunching of the pebbles...I have agapanthis and two types of canna - the orange like yours Carnival?) and a bright pink with solid green leaves. I does very well in our dry climate as long as it's well watered. The agapanthis has to be divided frequently - I have both types; the large and the Peter Pan. I left a lot in our yard when we moved and since it was already hot when we moved in here I didn't get to plant much this year but wait until next!!!

talj said...

Beautiful photos Ruth, you are taking such fantastic photographs!! And all the flowers look like they are doing fantastically well. Here's hoping the sunshine comes back soon so you can sit out and enjoy that lovely garden of yours!

{{HUGS}} xx

Audrey said...

Beautiful photos Ruth, always enjoy a stroll through your garden. Didnt see the shooting stars up here it was too cloudy, must have been a lovely sight, hope your wishes come true :) xxx Auds




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