Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Having had some fun days out I've not caught up with last week's newly bloomed flowers....it still surprises me that there's something new to see each week!

It's also time to do another "changes" photo...these are photos taken from approximately the same position at different times of the year. The first of these two is a "NOW" photo, the other a photo from February.

and FINALLY!!!!!!...one of the Cannas in the front garden is starting to flower...this is the latest they've ever started flowering and I'd almost given up on seeing a bloom this year.....

Before I go (Manda, Nicole and I are off to Colchester to see Leanne & co)...a quick plug for Gledwoods new blog........ANIMAL CRACKERS lots of funny and cutesy animal videos...the EPISODE OF 24 ACTED BY A RABBIT is so funny!!!
and a another quickie under the label of "That's new to me".....I've eaten Okra but never grown it...not even sure if we could in England. When I dropped by Dot's blog STROLLING THROUGH GEORGIA this morning she has posted a photo of an Okra bloom......if you've never seen one please take a look...it's stunning.


Dawn said...

Your "changes" (before & after) photos are spectacular. What a difference a season makes! I must say your canna is beautiful and seems to have a bit of an attitude. *wink* Seriously though, what lovely photos.

BTW, I've seen a YouTube video of a Bunny doing an episode of 24. I wonder if it was the same as your friends. I must go check.


A wildlife gardener said...

Loved the Punch and Judy Show, the amazing dragon boats, dragonflies and damselflies, and your slide show was spectacular, Ruth :) Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your wall to wall sunshine...we're still wet, windy and decidedly chilly, with a touch of autumn in the air too, methinks.

dot said...

Thanks for linking to me today!
My mother loves growing cananas but I don't think I've ever seen such a tall one as you have posted.
Hope you enjoy your day!

Annie said...

Hi Ruth, I think that the changes that occur over just a couple of months in the garden truly define the word miracle. And your garden is full of miracles - I really enjoyed the blooms unfolding before my eyes.

You asked about what is in the jar by the Peter Mayle books - it is a candle.

Have you read any John Burdett? You mentioned you enjoy thrillers and he has written very unique ones set in Bangkok. Start with Bangkok 8, if you'd like to investigate this author's excellent work.

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth, Love all your plants in the slide and thats a very tall Canna. you have growing , Have a lovely visit to Leanne's.. Jen

Shaz said...

Ricin? OMG Ruth what are you planning for those beaurocrats at the DWP? . . . .lol

RUTH said...

dawn; thanks and I think Gleds video is the youtube one...it's so funny
a wildlife gardener; by the time we got home today is was VERY wet with torrential rain...but the rest of the day was fine
dot; your okra photo was so lovely and something I'm sure we don't see here in the UK
Annie; I'll definitely look out for it when I'm next at the library
jeanette; thanks had a lovely day
shaz....LOL...now I hadn't thought of that! :o)

semplicmente lina said...

IL TUO BLOG E BELLISSIMO . Vorrei chiederti un favore mi potresti dire come fare per copiare l'immagine che stà sopra dove si sfoglia il libro e si vedono i fiori? Se non ti dispiace !!poi venire nel mio blog! ho fatto copia e incolla ma non me lo da! Grazie Lina

Akelamalu said...

Before and after photos really show the difference.

Love your blooms too.





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