Monday, 20 August 2007


You may remember some time ago that I did a post about a tree carving in Bellvue Park; well that's not the only tree carving in Sudbury and last Tuesday when I joined Manda & Nicole for a walk into town........ (Nicole had to get new trousers for school......*she did well it only took her to 3 hours to choose some!!!!....LOL).....oops went off the subject a bit there.....back to the tree carving. This carving stands on the edge of Newton Road and portrays the life of a Silkworm (Bombyx mori). Sudbury has a long history of silk manufacture and so this carving is very appropriate. Sadly I can find no information as to who carved it and the information plaque has been vandalised....possibly it is the work of the same artist who did the one at Bellvue Park. The top of the totem portrays an adult silkmoth........moving down you can see silkworms entwined around the trunk...then moving down there are reels of silk......and right at the base there's a woman in a silk dress* actually I had quite a fun time; under the guise of "picking clothes out for my grandaughter" I tried some of the "modern" styles on myself. I'm not someone who would normally frequent a clothes shop and would never wear some of the flamboyant styles and colours that the "youngsters" wear today.....but I must admit that if I could have ignored my "old ladies head" some of them didn't look too bad. I even bought some crop trousers for only £5! We then dropped into "Huffers" and had some lunch in their outside area...their chicken mayonnaise topped jacket potatoes were yummy!
and then walked back home via the river.......I wish I had sound effects with this photo...these ducks were swimming near the opposite bank and Nicole tried her duck calling technique.......and it worked!!!!!
It's been a miserable weekend weatherwise here in Cornard and this morning is cold, wet and gloomy with no prospect of sunshine on the horizon. Manda and co are off for a 3 day camping trip....I really hope the weather improves for them.
This morning my thoughts turn to the people affected by Hurricane Dean; which has wreaked havoc in the eastern Caribbean and began to hit Jamaica on Sunday night. I hear it is heading for Mexico and the Cayman Islands and could affect Florida and Texas. I hope all my blogpals and their families are safe.


CG said...

What an interesting carving, Ruth.And I'm glad you got some bargains in the're NOT an old lady so forget the OLD LADY head next time you're out, please!

RUTH said...

Awww... thanks CG. I tell that to my grey hairs and bat wings..LOL

dot said...

REally interesting carvings. I wonder how long it took someone to do them.
Wish I could have heard the duck calling!

Allotment Lady said...

Another great day out with you. Glad you grabbed a bargain. I got a top - a lovely short kaftan affair, black chiffon with glittery little sequins around the deep V neck for £3 - sounds awful but is very cool and classy and took me back to the 60's when they were fashionable first time around!

Doesn't it boost the spirits to have a little new something - it really made me feel 'girly'. In fact I wore it when our friends stayed for the weekend and they remarked how lovely the whole outfit was - black trousers (15 years old but still looking perfect) and little black top with 'string' thickness shoulder straps.

I made them all laugh their heads off as I danced around the lounge holding out the bottom of the kaftan singing 'I feel pretty, oh so pretty, etc.

It ruined my friends mascara she laughed to much.

I love Sudbury - I should go there more often - but it is a bit of a trek from here!

It is so nice to read of your out and about days.

Akelamalu said...

That carving is fascinating - obviously the 'life' story of silk.

You're as old as you feel Ruth - if you felt good in the things you tried on you can wear them!

Anonymous said...

I have always found totem poles very interesting. To carve such detail into wood is amazing to me.

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RUTH said...

Dot; I wish I could find more information about the carving, I'll keep searching. Nicole's duck calling was more of a "Quark" than a "Quack" but it worked.
Lottie; I remember having a paisley patterned was so comfortable. We will have to do a half way meet sometime for lunch (you can wear your kaftan and sing if you like)!

RUTH said...

Akela;it depends how many glasses of wine I've had..the more I drink the younger I feel...LOL

RUTH said...

Anon; I love the feel of wood. I'm a terror in museums as I want to touch all the wooden furniture!

john.g. said...

Brilliant carvings! A friend of mine gets married on Saturday, he's honeymooning in Cancun!!

Audrey said...

Those carvings are amazing Ruth, such a wonderful way to tell a story, carved in wood.

Would love to have heard the duck call too.

Got a day off tommorrow,may take your lead and go in search of some bargains...

RUTH said...

john g; OMG I hope that's a joke! So many tourists are stranded at the moment it wouldn't be the best place to go for a honeymoon!

Auds; I hear that suncream, sunglasses, bbqs and garden furniture are going really cheaply hear in the UK at the moment. Can't think why!...LOL

Mark said...

Hi Ruth,
Sudbury seems to becoming a n outpost of some Indian reservation, I thought you said you only had cowboys there.
Crop trousers, bat wings and duck calling , its all going on...Lol

Cheers Mark

Shaz said...

Thats an amazing carving from a very tallented person. Pleased the school uniorm shop was only three hours long. We have a whole day booked in next week!!!!

RUTH said...

Hi Mark; yes Sudbury's a hive of activity. Monday to Saturday you can get a bus right up to 6pm in the evening! And next Monday there's duck racing on the this space....LOL

Oh Shaz; poor you....make sure you have a foot spa avaiable when you get home!

Gledwood said...

That's a fascinating totem pole ... or whatever one would call it...

... btw how do people get "notification of new posts?" i have noticed sometimes when i post something in early evening suddenly five or six people are online reading it within 5 minutes as if they're psychic... how DO they know though? Do they somehow subscribe to something I've never heard of? Ooer. If so ... WHAT??!?

RUTH said...

Hi Gleds; I use Netvibes but I know there are other sites...maybe ask some of your other visitors what they use and see which will work best for you.

Katya said...

Wow, that wood carving is fabulous! I loved following it to the woman in a silk dress! I LOVE silk! It is such a wonderful fabric. I used to work in a fabric store, and whenever we came to the ends of bolts, I always grabbed the silks!

So glad you got to try on some clothes! I cannot imagine myself in the new styles. Guess my old lady head is REALLY set in stone. I love soft, flowing styles, and the sytles now seem so tight and exposing. Ah well.

I love the picture of the ducks! That is cool that Nicole's call attracted them! I love ducks and geese.

Your day out sounds wonderful!

RUTH said...

Katya; I wonder if some of the silk could have come from here...Sudbury became even better known for its silk since some was used for Princess Di's wedding dress.

Chris said...

That is some carving! Very interesting!

Suzi-k said...

i'm so glad you included the link back to the tree in Sudbury, because i missed that post and it is SOOO great! I could definitely see you in a wild coloured modern outfit, you'd blend in with the stunning flowers in your garden, which is looking so friendly and colourful at the moment!

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I enjoy going to thrift stores to try on and create new styles.

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