Friday, 10 August 2007


A wildlife gardener tells me she's had a bit of a glitch when commenting on my blogs.....and yesterday another pal couldn't get anything except for my background to show. Has anyone else had problems loading or commenting because it seems to be ok my end; also if anyone knows what is causing the problem and can give me an EASY solution I'd be much obliged. I'm just not technically minded about these things and as I've done nothing different to normal I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm running my antivirus and spyway programmes everyday and nothing's showing up.


Sheila said...

Ruth I have had the same problem for several days, on many different blogs. I have been unable to leave comments. The problem is with Blogger, not with you. It appears to have been put right and today it is much better.

Akelamalu said...

I don't have any problems at all with your blog Ruth. Other people say they have a problem with mine loading and commenting on it, I think maybe those who use Firefox instead of IE seem to be having the problems.

Anonymous said...

I'm ok but I find these cursors that are butterflies or flowers etc very tricky to use!Julie xx

RUTH said...

Thanks sheila, akela and julie. Seems it may not be my problem after all....Phew!!!
Julie; I found it tricky too till I got used to it... but they are so cute! :o)

A wildlife gardener said...

After I'd left a comment and returned to my blog it loaded my page as usual, and then immediately made the page disappear, and a blank page with a little box in the top left hand corner was there with a cross in it. I clicked the back arrow at the top to see if it would return to my page, and it did, and immediately went onto the blank page with the box with the little cross in it again.

So, I had to open a new window to get to my blog. The same thing happened yesterday when I left a comment about your walk in the woods with Leanne. I have left about 25 comments over the past few days on various blogs and yours is the only one I've had this glitch with, Ruth.

When I first came to your blog many months ago now, I used to get something which tried to download itself, which I had to stop in its tracks...but that stopped a wee while back now.

RUTH said...

Thanks for that info wildlife gardener. I think the thing before was because of the webstat counter I used but I've taken that off. I'll go to the Blogger help group later and see if they have any ideas about the current problem.

Annie said...

Hi Ruth, everything seems to be working for me getting onto your blog. I've sometimes wondered if Blogger doesn't roll it's problems around the world. For a little while I'll have problems, then I won't but you will, and on and on.

Allotment Lady said...

I have had a problem too - but looks like it is sorted now

Breathtakingly beautiful photos again

Have a wonderful weekend

jmb said...

I use Firefox, no problems, and the post above published.




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