Saturday, 4 August 2007


It was an early start for our trip to Walton on Naze on Thursday. Once again the whims of public transport meant the 31mile (51km) journey would take 3 hours! So we set off at 6.30am in the morning.Once again luck was on our side and the buses turned up on time...............Walton on Naze is much more of a "tourist" seaside town so we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find the beaches so empty! Manda got stuck with the job of blowing up the rubber ring. We are all really strong swimmers (including Nicole) but messing about with a ring is sooo much fun!The weather was fairly grey and overcast but that didn't stop US going in the water. No photos of me this time thank goodness!Poor Chris lost his swimming shorts at one point....I won't go into the "how"...let's just say that as the beach was quiet I instigated a bit of "skinny dipping" {{blush}} and in the process Chris's shorts disappeared!!! Why his shorts didn't float I don't know but as much as we searched we couldn't find them. Luckily he managed to buy some new ones in for only £4 in the town so he could come back into the water.

Our sand castle building wasn't really up to scratch...and nothing compared to the one in the last photo of this set (not built by us!)

In between my swimming sessions I had a wander to see the sights.......
and have a bit of a walk on the rocks................When I saw this lifeboat speeding across the water I hoped that no one had found Chris's shorts and sent out a search party looking for their owner!Manda and Nicole went in the water even more than me; and I think Nicole was pleased when I brought her a Hot Chocolate...with the weather being so chilly although it seemed warm in the water we shivered a bit every time we got out.

We even had some beach entertainment as one chap was practising his juggling skills......

Because we would have had to eave the beach by 3.30 to make all the "last bus" connections back to Cornard we decided to get a train home...this way we didn't have to leave until extra 3 hours of FUN TIME!!!!
Before we left Nicole had to try and bury her Dad.......and when poor Chris tried to rinse the sand off in the sea he got ganged up on by a group of fun making kids......I think he came out of the water more covered in sand than when he went in!!!!

We decided to have some traditional seaside Fish & Chips before we left to save us cooking when we got back home. There was a small seating area near the station with a good view of the sea so we ate them out of the paper, al fresco. The piece of cod I had was lovely; white and could still taste the sea in it. I must say I wasn't impressed with the "Walton in bloom" sponsorship of the pot in the last photo here........
The train journey home was quite an adventure.........there were police at the station and at one stop a fight occurred on the platform. Bricks were being thrown and we were a little worried whether the train would continue; or if it was delayed would we make our connections in time as we had two more trains to catch. It seems that two rival gangs had met up for a fight; I assume the police had received a tip off that something was brewing and luckily they were on the spot. At one point I saw plain clothes detective flash his warrant was like something out of the TV programme "The Bill". I was relieved when the train finally moved off and we were back on course for the journey home. We I had a few small panics trying to find the right platforms and foreign visitors manage I don't know....these rural stations have so little information!!!!!.........I was convinced we'd end up in London!!!!!!

We did get home safe and sound though.......and it was another fabulous day..........I have a few more shells to add to my beachcombing collection..................and in true "holiday maker" style I bought Manda & co and I a momento fridge magnet.........I see out the window that the sun has FINALLY found the garden so I'm off outside to catch some rays......have a great day everybody...................


dot said...

Ruth, sounds like you have had an exciting two days on the bus trips and beach. I've enjoyed seeing all the pictures and so glad you are having a fun time with your family!

Shaz said...

That was one long day. Poor Chris . . .lol! You should offer your services (at a small fee) to the local council & show them what a real flower display should look like x x Pleased you had fun x x

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth. Great photo's,Looks like a couple of fun days had by all, Laughed at Chris Loosing his shorts..

Mousie/Paisible said...

ruth I am very disappointed I wanted to see you in your bathing costume!!!very frustrating...
love from Mousie

Auntie Noo said...

No I'm sorry - it's no good - we need more details on how Chris lost the swimming trunks !!!! LOL!!!
Glad you had such a good day, and glad this week was "brighter" x

Allotment Lady said...

What and exciting day for all sorts of reasons.

I remember going to Walton on the Naze more than 30 years ago - a friend on mine moved there as the air was good for her asthma -but it was only small then and at the 'back of beyond' and I drove there on my own with a small baby, in an old banger of car - along torturous country lanes- and there as no direct route

I bet it has change beyond recognition now.

I am left with a lasting impression of you skinny dipping LOL

Gledwood said...

i love the british seaside... it shows us visually sometimes why we are the hardy nation that we are! i've been to walton on the naze... but i never figured what the "naze" actually was.. as a child i imagined it to be some almighty great walnut whip..? am i right? or is it just a boring old river??!?

have you heard from JMB the scottie dog from vancouver? i just tried to click for the blog and get an "its not here" message... have you any idea why..?

Gledwood said...

many thanks for identifying my plant... do YOU think i should remove it? seeing as its growing right into the glass? and has no further room to grow at all?

RUTH said...

Gleds; visited jmb earlier with no problems. I'd take the Flaming Katy out if it's getting that big and pot it up separately...easy to take cuttings, just snap a bit off and pop it in some soil...being somewhat of a succulent it'll root quite easily. The NAZE in Walton on Naze is the area of headland that it stands on.

mrsnesbitt said...

Fantastic Day Ruth!

Love the seaside!




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