Friday, 31 August 2007


We all had a real fun day on Wednesday; after a good cooked breakfast to set us up for the day we walked down the Quay for a boat trip. These are run by the River Stour Trust (this web site is well worth a visit) who are doing such a marvellous job maintaining and upkeeping the river.

We walked back home via the river bank and waved to the Rosette as it passed us on it's next trip. After a quick snack and a sit down we were back on our feet for a walk up to the Big Apple Bowling Alley

Phil keeping a tight hold on his little sister's hand....sweet

Leanne in motion

Kirstyand Mel

Mel was so thrilled when she got her first STRIKE! and did a celebratory dancePhil didn't actually play though he was quite happy to watch....secretly I think he was worried that one of us girls might beat him!!!!! As it was I won the first game and Mel won the it turned out the oldest and youngest were both winners!Some of you probably read my "Ghost Clusters Post"....Leanne had never visited the church and after seeing my photos of the orbs was quite keen to go there. It was dark by now so after a quick visit to MacDonalds (well we had to pass it...tee hee) and with it being such a lovely warm evening we thought we'd walk home that way......once again I took loads of photos (don't panic I'm not posting them all!) and although we saw nothing with the naked eye....... the camera saw all!!!!
again once the photos were lightened so many more orbs could be seen.........a copped close up of the orb by the small window from the photo aboveI also tried to take a photo of the beautiful full moon...this is the best of a bad bunch..It was funny because I took this photo of Leanne and we all thought that it was the moon at the top....until we realised the moon was shining in completely the opposite direction!!!!
this is a cropped close-up of that orb.....and in this photo of Phil there appears to be an orb hovering over his stomach.....

Finally I must show you Mel's favourite photo...this is a crop from a larger photo.....Mel's pretty sure this is a Fairy...possibly the Tooth Fairy who often visits her at the moment and leaves her £1 for a tooth!

Leanne & co are back home now and time for me to get the house ready for tomorrow as Lynn is coming to stay. Then I'll be able to show you what I bought her for her birthday!


CG said...

Great photos, ruth, oh i can remember the joy of getting a strike when bowling. Those orbs are really spooky!

Audrey said...

Catching up with all your posts, the ghost clutter one is really Photos of the Orbs are amazing and I adore little Mels imagination..her tooth fairy.

The trip up the river sounded so relaxing and again the photos were lovely,almost as if I was in the boat too...

Congratulations to Mel on her first STRIKE and thats a lovely photo of you both.

Be in touch soon xxx Auds

A wildlife gardener said...

What a memorable trip, Ruth! Great photos helped me to imagine being there with you :)

Allotment Lady said...

What an absolutely brilliant day out - and you are so clever with your photo album - loved every single photo

I especially am interested in your orbs

I never get the feeling that there are ghosts in the scary nature - but rather spirits of people who once habited the earth and think of them as friendly souls.

Of course my very favourite photo is of the two champions - just gorgeous.

Looks like you are getting a lovely healthy glow - all that walking is certainly agreeing with you all.

Jeanette said...

Hi Ruth. your trip up the river sounds very interesting. and the Orbs are a little spooky.

john.g. said...

Spooky stuff! Great pics though!

Akelamalu said...

Great slide show Ruth and the orb photos are awesome again!

You're getting too good at this bowling lark, you'll be joining a team next! ;)

Mauigirl said...

I didn't realize you had bowling in England! I bowled for years, including 14 years on my company's bowling league. Had an average of about 140 when I finally stopped. I can still get a really good score if we just go bowl for fun!

Those orbs are amazing. Have you tried taking pix in other dark locations? Have you ever seen orbs anywhere else or just at this location?

Shaz said...

Awww Ruth the "Winning Duo" photo melted my heart. But those orbs? . . . . No more please I'm scared!




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