Monday, 6 August 2007


After posting about the False Dragonhead flower in my post yesterday morning I found my mind turning to thoughts of Dragonflies. With a day that promised wall to wall sunshine I thought it ideal for a walk along the river and some Dragonfly chasing.heron fish river I also wanted to check out a plant that I'd seen there last week but hadn't taken a photo of. On one of her posts the other day Katya...Life in the Bristolwood had posted a photo of Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) which looked very similar so a closer look was called for.jewelweed impatiens

I've almost convinced myself that it is Jewelweed.....just wish I could have got closer to it instead of relying on my camera's zoom.

I was pleased to see the cattle were still about; I wondered if they may have been taken off of their grazing land due to the Foot & Mouth scare.cows cattle foot and mouthThere didn't seem to be many Dragonflies least none that settled....but in the distance I could hear the sound of drums...Oh I feel a Jim Reeves song coming on...LOL. I immediately realised what it was........DRAGONBOAT RACE DAY....this event happens every year on the river as a charity fund raising event but I must have missed the advertisement saying when it was to be held. How weird that I went for a walk looking for DragonFLIES and end up seeing dragonBOATS!!!!dragon boat rowing
dragon The teams are all from local rowing clubs or organisations and had chosen some fabulous names for themselves. The British Sugar team had called themselves "Beet Head" and the Rugby Club U17 were the "The Little Flankers". Even our local Waitrose supermarket had a team "The Waitrose Warriors"; they were wearing Afro Style green wigs...they must have been boiling in them.waitrose warriorsI wish I'd realised that this event was on as Leanne & co could have come over and watched it; I bet DILLY would have loved it too!
There was a beer tent...........

beer tentand I had to have a laugh at this guy swilling his pint outside the portable loos!!portable looAs I'd only originally intended to go out for a short walk I hadn't taken any food with me so must admit that although the beer tent didn't tempt me the burger and hot dog stall did!hot dogI'm not sure what this nifty motor had to do with the event...possibly they were sponsoring one of the teams.
classic carOne of the highlights for me the children is the Punch and Judy Show......

punch and judy show even the Queen dropped in on the act......notice her extra big hand....very handy when you have to do a lot of waving!The chidren (and I) really enjoyed the whole show...this is just a snippet (hold on to your eardrums!)

I'm glad these ducks got out of the way in time before one of the races started! ducks

dragonboatdragonboat It really was a fantastically hot day........some of the Rugby Club lads found a great way of cooling off!!!!!
rugby club
I'm not sure which team won as I left before all the final...........I never did get to take any Dragonfly photos while I was on my walk.....but when I got home...there in the garden was this!dragonfly damselflyand this!!!! dragon fly damsel flyand he even stayed around long enough for me to get a closeup of his body........dragonfly
and his head!!!!dragonfly

It certainly was a day full of Dragons.....guess you never know when one might fly by........dragon fly


Shaz said...

Looks like you had yet another unexpected adventure & I could hear how much you enjoyed that Punch & Judy show . . . lol.

Stacy said...

I grew up calling that orange flower in the second photo "Touch-Me-Not" because when you just barely touch the green pods they burst open, releasing the seed. My kids always considered popping them a summer treat.

dot said...

Ruth, you always come thru with the most interesting things! This looks like a fun event. Enjoyed all the pictures.

Akelamalu said...

Wasn't the weather glorious yesterday???????

Fantastic pictures Ruth and Punch & Judy too - that's the way to do it!!! :)

Dilly said...

Lots wagons!
Dilly go see Wagon PArade in Yorkshire- wagons not turn up!

Dilly shud stay Sudbury next time....



Libbys Blog said...

What great fun, and even better that it was a surprise!

Gledwood said...

You don't happen to know what those little fishies are up top do you..?? Do you think they are sticklebacks or something..?? I was just wondering ...

Gledwood said...

Hey have you seen my New Blog ??

"Animal Crackers"

it is full of furry entertainment!!!

RUTH said...

Thanks for dropping by and not being frightened of the dragons :o)
stacy; our normal busy lizzys do that too and the kids love popping them.
gleds; not sure, they may be roach as I know the fishermen catch them a lot in this river.

Gledwood said...

i used to see those fish a lot we caught them in jamjars as kids ... cannot for the life of me remember what they are called

"roach" sounds a bit too fishermanly and professional for these things ... far as I know they're the kind of fish that would never grow bigger than your thumb ... well that's what I thought so ...

hey have you seen the old man on youtube?
he is so funny!
and started getting really offended once he got "famous" online. one of his videos got 2.6 million hits!
then again if you put yourself on the internet in any way shape or form you can't REALLY complain if people pick it up and run with it and you DO get famous, know what I mean, especially if you're putting your face on video
have a look at him, he calls himself "Geriatric 1927" - might brighten your day!

david mcmahon said...

Yep, Dilly would have loved it.

Nice to know you weren't dragon your heels!

Melanie Rimmer said...

What a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing it with us. We had a huge dragonfly in our garden a few days ago, but I enjoyed watching it too much to get any photos.

Jon said...

Ruth, I love dragonflies also, and enjoyed your photos of them. Years ago when I taught high school in Thailand, I enjoyed the dragonboat races there. The Thais have been doing this for centuries and have huge ancient dragon barges carved from massive teak trees. Best regards, Jon on 8-6-07

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Lovely photos Ruth.
I loved the closeups of the dragonfly. I think they are like little angels.

RUTH said...

LOL David!
Mel; they are fascinating to watch as the swoop around the garden; have you notced they seem to follow a set route.

Petunia's Gardener said...

What an excursion you took us on. Love the dragonflies. Hope the sun is still shining. Paula

Chris said...

A great post, Ruth :-) I'm pleased that Punch and Judy are still going, haven't seen one for years! Great dragon flies, we normally have them around the pond but hardly this year.




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