Friday, 31 August 2007


It struck me this evening that very rarely do I come across a blog that mentions Big Brother yet it's been on British TV for what seems like forever. Tonight is the final of the current series so come on out of the closet and admit whether you watch it or not........ and who do you think will win? You can always log in as anonymous to protect your identity and Blogcred.


Curtis said...

I watch BB 8, I want Dick to win. I have been watching BB after dark on Showtime too as well.

Mauigirl said...

I have to, not that I watch Big Brother, but that I don't. I don't watch any of the "reality TV" shows. I don't know why, but they don't appeal to me. The only one I once watched was one they had on our public television station where people had to try to live the way the colonial settlers did. It was educational so I guess that's why I liked it. It really made you appreciate what those people went through!

I have to admit when people start talking about Survivor or Big Brother (its American equivalent I suppose) or other reality TV shows, I feel kind of left out of it however.

CG said...

I watch BB and I want the twins to win!!

Audrey said...

Watched the final tonight but havent tuned in specially to watch it weekly due to shift patterns etc..Liked the twins too

mrsnesbitt said...

Don't watch it.

Allotment Lady said...

I never ever watch it - I did see an episode once when at my son's house - years ago, but it drove me made so I read a book instead.

My son said that you have to watch it regularly and you get addicted to it.

I don't watch much tv at all - it takes me so long to do my blog LOL

RUTH said...

I think this must be the first year I've ever had any idea what's going on in Big Brother...not a great REALITY TV fan...but I've had it on in the background while I've been blogging so I know what the rest of the family are talking about!!!!. Like Lottie I spend very little time watching TV because writing a post and bloghopping takes up my evenings.Rx

Libbys Blog said...

I only ever watched the first one! It went downhill from there!!!!

john.g. said...

I watched 10 minutes of the first BB, and have never seen such a load of CRAP put on TV!

Chris said...

No, we don't watch it either. We saw a couple the first time round and they were boring and time wasting. Too much to see in the real world :-)

Mousie/Paisible said...

what is big brother dear ? i wish i could see some english tv first souvenirs when I spent time with Mrs England was : Coronation street, crossroads , Dr kildare and Peyton place...i was sixteen the first time i saw it...
love to you Ruth, and gosh the river looks dirty, poor fishes!!!

Salix Tree said...

Well, I did watch it. I love seeing how all the housemates progress throughout the summer. I enjoy the psycological aspect of human nature. I was rooting for Ziggy to win, I knew he wouldn't though. Also loved the twins, such sweet girls. And Brian made me laugh! Was sad to see Shabnam leave so early, I quite liked her as well.

Shaz said...

Hi, annonynous here. I've watched the odd clip or the last 4 weeks, got hooked & had a small BB inal party! Being a Northerner I wanted Liam to win! I lost the bet!

RUTH said...

LOL Shaz the anonymous!!!

farmingfriends said...

I have watched every series and this is one of the best. i have watched nearly every night but was out for the final. bad planning!!! Sara from farmingfriends

Gledwood said...

Big Brother is crap this year isn't it? I've only seen one episode... the only recent year I remember was when I wanted Nardia the "Portu-Geezer" to win I thought she was so hilarious... why hasn't she been given her very own light entertainment show?

lilymarlene said...

I don't watch the ordinary Big Brother as I don't like the way they behave, nor the way they treat each other. I did used to watch the Celebrity Big Brother as you can usually rely on celebs, who are concerned about their image, to behave......til the last series. So I don't watch that now either.
As for other reality TV shows....yes...I do watch them. Particularly if it is a show where people are trying to live as in the past. I loved the wartime one, and the edwardian house one. And some of the American ones about the Pilgrim Fathers way of life and so on.




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